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Below are the events that are being held to foster more reading by our students.  These events are organized by the librarian and reading specialists in each K-3 school.


Roll Out the Red Carpet for STAR Readers!

 Students and parents…it’s time to SHINE...Let's roll out the RED CARPET for STAR READERS and participate in the school-wide reading challenge! YOU CAN read 100 books by the end of February!  Our school will have a fun activity planned to honor the students who have achieved the goal to become a STAR reader!  Please read below to get started.

  • READING with your child at any age K-3 is highly encouraged and very rewarding!

  • Picture books count as 1 book.

  • List the title of the book on the forms provided...5 forms/20 books each…100 books!

  • PLEASE be sure to include a name, grade, teacher AND parent signature on each page!

  • Chapter books - each chapter counts as 1 book- OR you can CHALLENGE your child to read and count a chapter book as 1 book… make it work for your family and child!

  • The title of a chapter book can be listed then just circle the number of lines that correlate with the number of chapters…10 chapters = 10 numbers/books.

  • Books that have very short chapters, diary entries, graphic novels, poetry or joke books, etc… PLEASE count 40 pages = 1 book.

  • Extra forms can be found on the school website on the library page.

  • LOST FORMS - you can print out a new one ^^^ OR just you notebook paper.

  • Hand this paper to your teacher or to the library as soon as you have reached the goal!

  • Be sure to visit the LIBRARY WEB PAGE - tab is located on the school web page.

  • FREE - BIG UNIVERSE - an eLibrary, is located on the school web page and contains a great variety of genres to read on the computer.

  • Be sure to contact me for any ?’ - Mrs. Rizzolino - Library Media Specialist.






Chapter 1 - Before Breakfast

Chapter 2 - Wilbur

Chapter 3 - Escape

Chapter 4 - Loneliness

Chapter 5 -  Charlotte

Chapter 6 - Summer Days

Chapter 7 - Bad News

Chapter 8 - A Talk at Home

Chapter 9 - Wilbur's Boast

Chapter 10 - An Explosion

Chapter 11 - The Miracle

Chapter 12 - A Meeting

Chapter 13 - Good Progress

Chapter 14 - Dr. Dorian

Chapter 15 - The Crickets

Chapter 16 - Off to the Fair

Chapter 17 - Uncle - Will be Posted Later

Chapter 18 - The Cool of the Evening - Will be Posted Later

Chapter 19 - The Egg Sac - Will be Posted Later

Chapter 20 - The Hour of Triumph - Will be Posted Later

Chapter 21 - Last Day - Will be Posted Later

Chapter 22 - A Warm Wind - Will be Posted Later


Chapter 2-4 - 10/11-10/20

Chapter 5-7 - 10/21-10/27

Chapter 8-10 - 10/28-11/3

Chapter 11-13 - 11/4-11/10

Chapter 17-19 - 11/18-11/24

Chapter 20-22 - 11/25-12/1

Chapter 14-16 - 11/11-10/17

KBES kicked off our schoolwide read on Friday, October 11th! All students were given a copy of Charlotte's Web to keep. We read chapter 1 together as a whole school. Inside the book is a letter for parents explaining the program and a bookmark with the reading schedule. This book is more difficult than last year's schoolwide read book, so more students may need the book read to them. There will be audio recordings of each chapter posted on the school website if students would like to follow along with the text. Students can count all 22 chapters of Charlotte's Web on their 100 Book Challenge if they read Charlotte's Web! 

Optional Challenge Question: Charlotte's Web (complete after Chapter 16)


Complete the question by November 17th if you would like to participate. Parents may help children enter their answers. Winners will be chosen at random from correct answers. Winners will be announced on morning announcements on November 18th and will be able to pick a prize from a treasure chest. One response per student, please.


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